Dr. Anthony Brien

Area Consultant III: Oceania

Senior Lecturer – Business and Hotel Management
Programme Director – Bachelor of Commerce
Lincoln University
Christchurch, New Zealand

While the past 25 years have been spent in the tertiary education sector focusing on business and hotel management, this is augmented by my practical experience in the international hotel industry. For the past 14 years I have been engaged as a senior lecturer at Lincoln University where my research agenda has been on hotel strategic management and human capital – in particular how to increase productivity in the industry.

I have represented the Australasian region as a Board Member of the now Institute of Hospitality (the then HCIMA) and regularly research in, and am called on to speak on matters related to hotel human capital.

More recently, I am leading an international collaboration research project with colleagues in four countries replicating the research methodology developed by Lincoln University to measure Hotel Organisational Social Capital. This is an international first and will establish international trends and difference related to human capital from having used the same tool.

I am keen to assist any fellow academic or industry colleague progress their careers, research or network. Please feel free to get in touch.