APacCHRIE Federation meeting at ICHRIE 2017 in Baltimore

APacCHRIE Federation has its meeting at ICHRIE 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

From left to right:

Dr. Qu Xiao, Director of Research for ICHRIE and former President of APacCHIRIE, Dr. Amit Shama, President of ICHRIE, Dr Shawn Jang, Purdue University, Mr. Steve Hood, STR SHARE Center, Dr. Kelly Phelan, University of Queensland, Prof Kaye Chon, Founding President of APacCHRIE, Susan Hendee, Cul A Con and William Angliss College, Mr. Samir Thapa, President of APacCHRIE, and Dr. Roy Zhou, Conference Program Chair for 2018 APacCHIRE, Sun Yat-sen University